2019 Grove Hall Trust Grantees

Our grants empower residents to design and create a safe & healthy Grove Hall.

To do this we fund projects that fit one or more of these categories: 1) community well-being;  2) creative place-making; 3) resident organizing. 

Hutchings Street Neighbors -

Annual Block Party

Hutchings St. Neighbors (HSN) is a loose organization of homeowners and tenants who reside between Humboldt and Elm Hill Ave on Hutchings St. in Dorchester. Over the past 60 years, the stately multi-family homes on this block of Hutchings St. migrated from being exclusively Jewish, to African American. In recent years, the community has become quite diverse, hosting African American, Caucasian, Asian, African, Latino and West Indian homeowners and tenants. As the original homeowners have died or otherwise left the neighborhood, the ratio of homeowners to tenants has decreased and, with this transiency, the relationships that form the fabric of any strong neighborhood have, at best, frayed.

In contract to the general community concerns about gentrification, the block party seeks to demonstrate the effectiveness of providing positive opportunities to build community. The annual block party utilizes common attractions - food and music - to bring together residents of the neighborhood who might otherwise not connect. The block party affords an opportunity to connect with old friends, meet new neighbors, learn of shared interests, and build community bonds while enjoying a fun, social event.

Masjid Al-Qur'an Educational Team -

Grove Hall Cultural Events

The idea is to regularly present educational movies and cultural/talent events with discussion to encourage and support community collaboration and action! AWARENESS! Community Pride! Community Collaboration! Teamwork in the Neighborhood! Trying to tap our strengths and talents to benefit ourselves. This project is of interest to the Masjid Al-Quran Educational Team because there is potential for collaborative, community, and cultural activities. The direct benefit to Grove Hall is encouraging and supporting inter-generational, family, and inter-faith activities. 

Catarina Abreu - Lleya P Sewing Project

My project is using art to build confidence in young girls and women from the Grove Hall community but all inclusive to other residents of the Greater Boston Area.

Teaching young girls and women about self love through the basic introduction of sewing. With these workshops, the objective is to find their passion in fashion and developing their inner self through love.


This project intends to address the following issues:

1. Empowerment: Learning how to use love language- words that embrace and show love- and speak well of themselves by thinking well of themselves.

2. Confidence: Being aware of self and building self esteem; being able to advocate for their selves, as well as others. Society at times influences many to have unhealthy beliefs about their self image.

3. Self Love: Teaching young girls and women to create unique clothes that fits their body from how they view themselves first, and not be validated by outside social influences that is unhealthy.

4. Creating Space: Showing young girls and women how to create space with their talents. This will allow participants to teach their own friends and family what they know, which can be a coined statement "teach one, reach one".

Soledad Boyd - Come-Ya/Bin-Ya Bench Project

I am a longtime Grove Hall resident Wii has been involved in my community since moving to Nazing Court in 2001. I am a creative maker who's primary art focus is installations that are meant to spark conversation while adding beauty.

Grove Hall is experiencing rapid gentrification that is creating silos among new residents and long term residents. In some cases each group does not trust the other therefore limiting opportunities to work together. My idea is to site a community bench in the neighborhood that everyone will be encouraged to use as a gathering place to stop by and get to know each other. This bench will be an extension to the informal gathering spots that neighbors now have. The difference will be the promotion and outreach to new and old residents to use the bench as an opportunity to learn about one another.

Everyday Boston - Grove Hall Storytelling

We are proposing to do a resident-powered storytelling project that amplifies the voices of the people that the Grove Hall community itself wants to celebrate. In doing so, the project will seek to represent, in a small but powerful way, the richness of a community that is too often overlooked or misrepresented in mainstream media coverage.

The project will begin with an outreach campaign- on the streets, in businesses, in residential communities, in houses of worship, etc.- that asks Grove Hall residents, "Who is the most interesting, un-famous person you know in Grove Hall?" We will take residents' nominations via voice recordings or written notes on flashcards, aiming for a total of 50 nominations. From there, a team of story ambassadors will choose 5 people for the story ambassadors to interview about their experiences as residents or business owners in Grove Hall (or we may attend a Grove Hall UCB Network night and ask a group there, if that feels feasible to UCB). The recorded interviews will be transcribed and edited into short narratives that can be published on any website seeking to promote the vitality of Grove Hall (such as Grove Hall Trust! Or Grove Hall Main Streets), as well as Everyday Boston. Lastly, we will celebrate the project at a community event at the Grove Hall Library, displaying on poster boards images and quotes of the people interviewed; we will also display the nominations collected from other Grove Hall residents.

Boston Rhythm Riders - Annual Community/Family Move Together Day

Our idea is to create and host Boston Rhythm Riders presents: Annual Community/Families Move Together Day! The problem we plan to address is getting family members of all ages, shapes sizes, and abilities doing activities together. We will promote putting down all electronic devices in order to get members to participate actively together.

This project is of great interest to us for one: our fearless leader was born and raised in Grove Hall. Mz.
Rhythm gives all credit to who she is today, her child hood life experience growing up in Grove Hall.
The direct benefit 
to the Grove Hall Community is to bring out the family, friends, and neighbors, in order to reconnect and allow them to see that Grove Hall is still a safe place to reside and host wholesome events.

Prophetic Resistance -

Grove Hall Civic Engagement

Last summer we engaged voters in the Suffolk County DA race by placing 14, 618 calls to the least likely voters, held 2 candidates forums and 200 door knocks. We employed 26 youth for fifteen dollars an hour, 20 hours a week for eight weeks. We would like to reengage the demographic of least likely voters in Ward 12 and Ward 14 residents in the Grove Hall neighborhood. We would employ 2 youth at 15.00 hr for 25 hours during July. Collecting stories and inviting residents to August 8th National Night Out that we are hosting in Grove Hall.

We are hoping to identify an issue and organize the Grove Hall neighborhood, by listening to stories of residents and moving those stories to action.

Project RIGHT - Grove Hall Youth Recreation

Our priority is working on long-term solutions to some complex social issues, which in the past included overseeing the community processes that led to the $49.5 million renovation of the Jeremiah Burke High School/ Grove Hall Community Center/ Library Branch, the design, construction and pilot school application for the Lilla Frederick Pilot Middle School, Grove Hall Youth Outreach Connection's Friday Teen Late Nights at Roxbury YMCA. PRI has now set its sights on reversing the lack of city youth recreational programming in public facilities and school buildings in Grove Hall.


This project will further the efforts that PRI has undertaken to improve the health and well-being of children, families and the community of Grove Hall. This project will continue our program of outreach, physical activities and education focused on young people as part of our strategy to target the impact of trauma and stress. PRI's programming includes strategies that advance safety and perceptions of safety in Grove Hall through increased opportunity for physical activity in a safe environment as well as education on certain health factors that impact obesity and hypertension, and discussion groups that focus on violence.

The Grove Hall Trust is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit.

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