Grove Hall Trust

Our mission is to enhance quality in life in Grove Hall by growing local ideas.


Registered Charity: 46-6288114

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Our Grants

Our grants empower residents to design and create a safe & healthy Grove Hall. To do this we fund projects that fit one or more of these categories: 1) community well-being;  2) creative place-making; 3) resident organizing. 

Grants may be used for a variety of activities and projects, and applicants are encouraged to think in new ways about what will work in Grove Hall and with whom they might partner.

The grant cycle begins March 1, 2020 and the application deadline is May 2, 2020. The application will be available on March 1

Who can apply?

Aside from individual residents, we accept grants from: 

• Arts & Cultural Groups

• Block Groups or Resident Councils

• Community Organizations

• Faith Based Groups

• Neighborhood Associations

• Neighborhood Safety Groups

• School Affiliated Groups

• Small Non-Profit (<$100,000 annual budget)

• Youth Organization


Each proposal is evaluated according to how it aligns with the values established by the Grove Hall Trust.  We have seven values that we use to guide us in the process of selecting grantees. We are looking for grants that:


  • Care about people

  • Seek out new solutions and creative thinking

  • Recognize the inherent strength and dignity of every individual

  • Strive to create collaborative community accountability

  • Are committed to transparent processes

  • Promote the power of the collective to make change

  • Respect the right of every individual to health, well-being, and peace   


Projects must take place in the Grove Hall area and clearly state the benefit to Grove Hall residents. 

The Grove Hall Trust holds one grant cycle per year. ​Past projects have centered around trauma-informed yoga, activating vacant lots, academic enrichment, and much more.

Awarded grants range from $250 to $1,000. 

​Grove Hall Trust does not make grants to: 
Capital campaigns
Endowment funds
For-profit entities
Fundraising events
Government agencies or departments
Lobbying efforts
Political groups
Religious organizations for religious purposes
Single business

Note: The Grove Hall Trust will not provide funding for salaries to permanent staff, consultants, or for the applicants time spent coordinating the grant activity. Please do not include such allocations in your request.


Upon end of project or program, grantees are required to submit photos and receipts along with their Grant Report. Grantees that do not submit reports by the intended deadline will no longer be eligible to apply to future grant cycles.