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Cultivating Joy...

About The Grove Hall Trust

The Grove Hall Trust is a volunteer-led foundation whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Grove Hall by growing local ideas.

 In 2011, The Grove Hall Trust was founded on the belief that communities know what they need to improve their outcome, and sustainable impact comes from shared risk and responsibility. 

Our goal is to improve community capacity and leadership while increasing the flow of educational opportunities, jobs, capital and social connections that can help end the cycle of poverty in our neighborhood.


Over the last three years, our community has demonstrated tremendous resiliency.   COVID-19 and the resurgence of White Supremacy Culture forced us to come together and organize in new ways to stand up and fight against inequities.  We supported marches and protests along Blue Hill Avenue, food donation drives to counter the food insecurities that came with job loss and economic instability, and vaccination clinics to protect ourselves and the people we love from the novel coronavirus. Collectively we worked together to ensure that our community remained solid and was not broken by the many threats that attempted to compromise our way of life. 

As we begin to transition to an altered resemblance of normalcy, we must not forget the effort that it took to get us here. Our community is full of first responders including those that put their lives on the line to deliver food and groceries to people during the peak of pandemic.  We must also not forget the members of our community that we lost during the pandemic.  We must continue to honor and respect their legacies and sacrifices.

It is with this in mind that the Trust is excited to offer this request for proposals that seeks to support projects that Cultivate Joy in the Grove Hall Community that enable community members to connect, take a deep breath and find solace.


Funding Priorities and Examples
The Grove Hall Trust seeks to support projects that focus on building connections between community members post pandemic.  This list below is meant to provide a limited purview of the types of projects that the Trust seeks to support, however it is not all-inclusive.  Funding Request should not exceed $2,500.

  • Large Scale Community Gatherings

  • Intergenerational Relationship Building Activities that foster community connection.

  • Youth Centered Field Trips

  • Multiethnic Community Celebrations

  •  Artistic Projects that pay homage to members of our community that lost their lives to COVID-19


Please respond briefly to the following questions.  Be sure to limit your response to 2,000 characters or less for the response to each question. 

  1. Briefly describe the target population of people your proposed project serves (including racial, economic demographics).

  2. What is your proposed project, and how does it relate to what is happening locally?

  3. Describe what this funding specifically will be used for and what you hope to accomplish?  How have members of the community been involved in the project development?  How will they be involved throughout the implementation of the project?


Criteria for Selection

  • Proposal aligns with Priorities of the Trust

  • The Project takes place within the Grove Hall section of Boston. 

  • Application is submitted by a Resident of Grove Hall, or Community Based Organization within the Grove Hall Community (Faith Based Institutions included).

  • Projects should be completed by December 31, 2023.  Given the timing of this RFP release, projects that start in the fall are welcome. 


The Grove Hall Trust will not support the following requests:

  • Request from Non-Grove Hall Residents 

  • Request from Non-Community Based Organizations

  • Capital campaigns

  • Endowment funds

  • For-profit entities

  • Fundraising events

  • Government agencies or departments

  • Lobbying efforts

  • Political groups

  • Religious organizations for religious purposes

  • Scholarships or Fellowship Programs

  • Debt Reduction or Cash Reserves

  • Building Construction or Renovation

  • Operating support for ongoing programs



  • This RFP is limited to Community Based Organizations and residents of Grove Hall. 

  • While the trust funds organizations that fall under the 501©3 tax designation, we are also able to fund individuals.


*The 2023 grant cycle has ended.  The GHT would like to thank everyone who applied for a grant this spring and  and would like to encourage you all to apply again in 2024.

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